Review on a Local, Transactional E-Commersite Site

is one of the famous local transactional e-commerce sites in Malaysia. It started from the end of year 1998. It is the pioneer auction website in Malaysia. Its mission statement is “Serving the community and bringing a high standard of quality into homes and businesses by providing an avenue for on-line trading at a low cost”. Lelong makes an effort to develop and improve its functionality to attract more users. Now, it has more than 1 million users.

When we were reviewing, we saw that the website is similar with Lelong allows buying, selling and SuperBuy. Lelong also provide different languages such as English, Chinese or Bahasa Malaysia for users to choose their preferred language. Besides that, the website also creates a forum to allow buyers and sellers compare information.

It is very easy for users to make transactions in For sellers, they can register an account and upload the photo galleries of their products. Of course, Lelong charges membersip fees and small amount of service charge. When the sellers have completed posting up what they want to sell, they just wait for buyers to choose from their goods. Sellers can also sell their goods through the open store function. The purpose of creating the open store function is to help sellers create their own online store even though they do not have any e-commerce knowledge. The fee of the store is only RM168 per year.

Buyers can choose the goods they prefer and make transactions with the sellers. In order to protect the buyers, provides a service which can prevent fraud transactions - called Safetrade. Lelong Safetrade will keep the money of buyers until approval is given by the buyers when they receive the goods.



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